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With over four decades of experience, Swain Moving & Storage Ltd can cater to all your residential and commercial moving and storage needs. Our movers and packers endeavour to provide quality services. See what our customers are saying about our services. Contact us today.

Area’s Leading Restoration Contractor

“Dear Swain,

I am writing to thank you for the many years of dependable service you have provided to Downs Construction Ltd.


Downs Construction has been using Swain Moving for over fourteen years. As the area’s leading restoration contractor, people depend on us to get the job done! We need business partners who are able to perform, and you excel!


We value what other people value in a moving company. Your staff presents themselves professionally. I would describe them as organized, careful and considerate. They arrive to the job when they say they will, assess the project, and get to work. Mike and the crew can get even the most difficult items moved, safely.


In many situations we need to move people’s belongings because of a flood or fire. People are stressed, and your professionalism puts people more at ease.


You might remember a situation where we were moving a customer’s master bedroom into the upstairs loft area, so they could live at their house during the reconstruction of their main floor. It was an older home, and the bed would not fit up the stairs. You and the crew were able to winch the bed over the back deck railing and into the upper floor. That level of experience and ingenuity really stands out.


Thanks again for the many years of service.”


- Downs Construction Ltd.

Dave Neal (GM), Victoria, BC

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